Why The World Needs More Happy…


Does this make you sad? If so, good. It should. As the rock band Kansas said in that one song, “Nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky…”. But it should bring you joy, too… joy that you live in such times, and have so many such things we can enjoy.

If my cancer, and the loss of such beloved figures such as Leonard Nimoy, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie (and many others, of course) over the last year-plus has taught me anything, it has been this; Find joy… unmitigated joy… in all things, because all joy is tinged with sadness, and all things will come to an end.  Because, if you do not lose those things you love because they go away, you will lose them because you will!

When I was waiting for my cancer surgery, something I came to realize was that, if I were to die, then while you might be sad because you lost me, I would, at the same time, have lost each and every one of you!

So, find joy, find love, and find happiness… as I always say, the world needs more happy! And then hold it near, hold it close, and hold it tight, and do not let it go, because we do not pass this way again. Be happy. 😀

By wearehugh