LUNACON schedule update!


There is an update to my panel schedule at Lunacon, which I posted here yesterday

First, I am no longer a panelist for “Fake Geek Girls, Threat or Menace?” at noon on Saturday.  I will probably attend that panel anyway, as I’d like to put my own two cents (or more) in anyway.

Also, the panel “Safe Spaces, Standards, 2nd Chances” has now been moved to 7pm on Saturday.

Lastly, I am NOW scheduled for to be on the panel “Target Diameter“, in the Birch room at 9pm this evening.  This would seem to be an expanded version of the “flirting/dating” panels that you often see at cons.  The description is:

Want that fan across the room to notice you (in a positive way)? Flirting is great, and will definitely be a part of the package, but we’ll also look at how to dress, carry yourself, and converse in general to send the message you want — and how to kindly but firmly reject the fellow fans who aren’t right for you along the way, as well as how to take a rejection gracefully, but not personally.

Now, there is a good chance that I may still be on-the-road, and on my way TO Lunacon, when that panel starts, so do not be surprised if I am late or unable to attend.  But I will still hold out hope that I will be there in time.  And I will still be on all my panels tomorrow and Sunday.  So I hope to see you there!

By wearehugh