BEHIND THE SCENES – Let’s start at the very beginning…

So, I have a collection of what I call “behind-the-scenes” images that is actually pretty big.  Like, over 1200 production stills, candid shots, pre-processed SFX photos, and lots of other goodies sitting on my hard drive.  Some of them are actually very little seen images, or are very rare.  So, I decided, why not share some of these here on my blog.  So, I’m going to start making “BEHIND THE SCENES” a regular feature here… provided that all of you enjoy it, of course.

Well, since we’re starting something here, I figured that this week I would share some images that have to do with “beginnings” in some way.  And what better “beginning” to start with than the filming of one of the most famous title sequences in film history…

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“It is a dark time for the rebellion…”
(Photo via Industrial Light & Magic)

Yes, this was how the shot the original opening crawls for the first three STAR WARS films shot (this one being for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in particular).  The titles were painted onto a glass sheet, which was then lit from below by very strong studio lights (which you can see at the bottom of the photo in the round holes).  A motion-control camera would then slowly track over the sheet, with all of the lights in the studio (except the ones under the glass) turned off.  That way, the only thing that the film picked up was the lettering of the opening crawl that the lights shone through.  They then used a filter to get the yellow tint for the lettering, superimposed the crawl over a shot of the opening starfield (which was a black velvet cloth with pinprick-sized holes poked into it, with strong studio lights behind it), and viola… classic STAR WARS opening crawl!

Anyway, that’s all for right now.  There will be more posted this week, and I hope you enjoy them!

By wearehugh