Twenty years of BABYLON 5…

Twenty years ago today, the TV series BABYLON 5 premiered.  While never a huge hit in it’s own time, the show became incredibly influential… it was the first show to not only tell season-long story arcs, but it was the first series to actually tell one complete story, from beginning to end, over the entire series run.  And, unlike some shows that drop the ball at the end (looking at you, BSG and LOST), the final episode of B5, “Sleeping in Light”, is still one of the best hours of television out there.  (And that last 5 minutes still makes me cry like a little baby…)

So, for those of you who were fans of the show… what was your favorite part?  Which character(s) did you love the most?  What made you love the show?

And, as a little gift for you, here’s a photo taken in April of last year of several of the cast members and show creator and producer J. Michael Straczynski after they enjoyed a small dinner party together.  I found this in my collection of behind-the-scenes photos, and I love it…

L to R: Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan), JMS, Patricia Tallman (Lyta), Bill Mumy (Lenier), Mira Furlan (Delen), and Claudia Christian (Ivanova).

And here’s a photo of the entire cast from season 4, displaying the class and refinement that defined the show…

So, have a happy Babylon 5 day, everyone!  🙂


By wearehugh