“The Call of Great Cthulhu” (to the tune of “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”)


Pardon me, boy, is that the call of Great Cthulhu?
Ia!  Ia!
From the City of Dreams!
Just listen, you’ll hear the screams!

Can you afford to ignore the call of Great Cthulhu?
No! No!
The stars have aligned,
So you might lose your mind!

Oh, the sunken burb of R’lyeh will being to arise
Thousands of byakhee will then take to the skies!
Hangin’ with the Old Ones!
They sure are some fun ones!
Soon you bet their minions will be eating someone!

When you hear the screaming and the cries of “Ia!”,
Then you know the End of Days is not very far.
This is a disaster!
Bow to your new master!
Just remember not to call the name of [He-Who-Is-Not-To-Be-Named]!

There’s gonna be a lot of terror ‘cross the nation
Scream! Scream!
Blood, guts, and gore,
From now until evermore!

You’re gonna cry
‘Til you finally get to meet your doom!
So, please, Oh Great Cthulhu
Won’t you please eat me soon?
Please, Oh Great Cthulhu,
Won’t you please eat me sooooooooon?


Oh, and if you’d like the musical accompaniment, we have this…

By wearehugh

Twenty years of BABYLON 5…

Twenty years ago today, the TV series BABYLON 5 premiered.  While never a huge hit in it’s own time, the show became incredibly influential… it was the first show to not only tell season-long story arcs, but it was the first series to actually tell one complete story, from beginning to end, over the entire series run.  And, unlike some shows that drop the ball at the end (looking at you, BSG and LOST), the final episode of B5, “Sleeping in Light”, is still one of the best hours of television out there.  (And that last 5 minutes still makes me cry like a little baby…)

So, for those of you who were fans of the show… what was your favorite part?  Which character(s) did you love the most?  What made you love the show?

And, as a little gift for you, here’s a photo taken in April of last year of several of the cast members and show creator and producer J. Michael Straczynski after they enjoyed a small dinner party together.  I found this in my collection of behind-the-scenes photos, and I love it…

L to R: Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan), JMS, Patricia Tallman (Lyta), Bill Mumy (Lenier), Mira Furlan (Delen), and Claudia Christian (Ivanova).

And here’s a photo of the entire cast from season 4, displaying the class and refinement that defined the show…

So, have a happy Babylon 5 day, everyone!  🙂


By wearehugh

Domino Theory



First of all, look at this gif…

Doesn’t seem terribly impressive, right?

Now, what if I told you that the largest “domino” in that shot weighs over 100 lbs.?  Suddenly, it’s a lot more impressive, isn’t it.

Just remember… don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re “too small”, “too weak”, or “not big enough” to accomplish something.  Sometimes, it’s just all about having the dominoes in the right order.

By wearehugh

Allen Steele at Philcon 2013!


Well, as the Programming Division Head for Philcon 2013, I get to pass on this happy bit of news!

Philcon is pleased to announce that our Principal Speaker for 2013 will be bestselling SF author Allen Steele!

Allen M. Steele was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a prolific author of novels, short stories, and essays. His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Before he established himself as a science fiction author, he spent several years working as a journalist.

Steele began publishing short stories in 1988. Some of his early novels, such as “Orbital Decay” and “Lunar Descent” were about blue-collar workers working on future construction projects in space. Since 1992, he has focused more on stand-alone projects and short stories, although he has written several novels about interstellar exploration centered on the moon “Coyote”.

He is a three-time Hugo award winner: first in 1996, for his novella “The Death of Captain Future”, then in 1998 for his story “…Where Angels Fear to Tread,” and again for best novella in 2011 for “The Emperor of Mars.”

Steele serves on the Board of Advisors for both the Space Frontier Foundation and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and he is a former member of the SFWA Board of Directors. In April, 2001, he testified before the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics of the U.S. House of Representatives, in hearings regarding space exploration in the 21st century.

He lives in western Massachusetts with his wife Linda and their dogs.

We are happy that Mr. Steel will be joining us for this year’s Philcon, being held Nov. 8-10, 2013, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ. Please check our website for further details as they are available.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

By wearehugh