“I think I’m… quite ready for another adventure!”


Black Milk Clothing is coming out with a dress that has a map of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth printed on it. (Please note that the dress is not yet available on their website.)  And, yes, there are in fact SEVERAL lovely ladies of my acquaintance who I think would look just smashing in this…

The “Middle Earth” dress, from Black Milk Clothing.


Of course, being me, my mind immediately goes to all of the inappropriate things one COULD say…

“Excuse me… may I simply walk into your Mordor?”

“Man, I’d like to drop MY ring into her Mount Doom!”

“Your Misty Mountains look cold… can I warm them up for you?”

Of course, also being me, I never actually WOULD say any of those things (unless I were joking with a friend).  But I’d THINK them, because underneath it all I’m a very bad man with very bad thoughts.  😉

By wearehugh