The Hobbit House of Chester County, PA.


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Somewhere in Chester County, PA (which I happen to live right next to), a lifelong (and apparently well-heeled) fan of J.R.R. Tolkien has built this rather wonderful (and, according to the article, exceeding private) hobbit-house.

Not just any hole-in-the-ground

Not just any hole-in-the-ground…


It’s not the owner’s main home, but it’s on the same property within walking distance. He uses the home to house his collection of Tolkien memorabilia, including “the owner’s library and displays of Hobbit figurines, Gandalf’s staff, hooded capes, chess sets, chalices — and of course, The One Ring.”

And quite a collection it is...

And quite a collection it is…


The circular front door – 54-inch diameter Spanish cedar — has a door knob right in the center just as Tolkien described on Bilbo’s home in Bag End.  It hangs of a single hand-forged iron hinge. Several craftsmen said they couldn’t hang the 150-pound door on one hinge but a Maryland blacksmith “succeeded on the first try,” according to the architect.

The door and entry hall.

The door and entry hall.


So, now you all know what I’ll probably be doing if I ever hit the lottery.  BUILDING ONE OF THESE TO LIVE IN!  🙂

(You can find out more by visiting the article linked above, or the architect’s website.)
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