December the 7th, and thoughts on the best and worst of us


So, today in history, two very important things happened…

In 1941, the Japanese fleet attacked the Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii.  They did so in order to destroy the backbone of the American fleet, which was supposed to be stationed there.  (As it was, while they did destroy most of the Pacific fleet battleships, the US aircraft carriers were not in the harbor.)  The attack was unprovoked, and war had not been declared.  It prompted US entry into the Second World War, which is still the single largest and most devastating war in human history.

In 1972, Apollo 17 launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.  It was the last manned mission to the Moon, with a three-member crew consisting of Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt.  It holds several records, including the longest manned lunar landing flight; the longest total lunar surface extravehicular activities; the largest lunar sample return, and the longest time in lunar orbit.  They returned to Earth after twelve days.

So, perhaps we should take some time today to think about the fact that our species, working together, can do both great and terrible things.  And that we should always do our best to listen to the better angels of our nature.

Just a thought, is all…

By wearehugh