It’s Coming… One Week From Today…

It's Coming... One Week From Today...

So, every year since 2006, I have done this little thing online I call “The Twelve Days Of GEEKMAS”. In the days leading up to the Christmas holiday, I will post various and sundry items… pictures, music, videos… that I’ve found both express both the joy of the holiday season, and the joy of being geeky.

I try to make it non-denominational (celebrating not so much the Christian holiday, as the joy of the end of the year and the fun found in geeky things), and to make it inclusive to anyone who wants to be included.

Well, I’ve done this on Livejournal, Facebook, Tumblr, and it looks like it’s now WordPress’ turn to host it for me.

So, starting one week from today, we have a new Geekmas chapter. I hope you all enjoy it. *<|:-)